11/1/16 We Rejoice In You

“Because you have received comfort through the positive consequences of my last letter, we have also been comforted.  And because Titus has returned to us bearing news of the joy and refreshment you gave to his spirit when he came to you, we are even more joyful.  I have no shame in taking pride in you and speaking boastfully of you to Titus, because just as we always spoke the truth to you, when we spoke of you to Titus you proved our boasting true.  When he remembers your obedience to God in your respectful and God-honoring reception of him, Titus’ eyes shine with the joy and love he has for you.  And I have that same joy and love for you in my heart, because you have shown that my confidence in you has not been misplaced.”


2 Corinthians 7:13-16


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