10/31/16 Godly Sorrow Leads To Rejoicing

“I know that I my last letter caused you sorrow, and although I regretted it when I sent it, I no longer feel that way.  Because your sorrow lasted only a little while, and it caused you to examine yourselves and turn away from your sins and back to God.  That brings me great joy!  Your sorrow was given by God to show you the dangerous road you were traveling, so that you would acknowledge it and turn away from it before you suffered loss because of it.  This kind of sorrow is not like what the rest of the world experiences, resulting in death.  Instead it illuminates the errors we are making in order to help you change your course to get back on the path of God, the one that leads to salvation.  And look at what happened – you had Godly sorrow that caused you to fear the consequences of your actions, cleanse your hearts from the evil that had seeped into them, work diligently to come back to God’s way, be zealous in your desire for Godliness, and gain the victory over evil that comes from living as God intends.  You were given a verdict of innocent after all the hard work you did to turn away from your former course.  When I wrote to you, it was to show you how much love and care we have for you in God’s eyes, not to punish wrongdoers or alleviate those who suffered under them.”


2 Corinthians 7:8-12


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