11/2/16 Give Generously, Like The Macedonians Did

“And we also want to tell you about how God poured out His grace on the churches of Macedonia.  As you may know, many in these churches are unmarried or widowed women with little or no means of supporting themselves, and so they live in poverty.  In fact the whole area of Macedonia is impoverished because of the ongoing unrest in the Roman Empire.  Not only are the churches impoverished, but they are surrounded by people who wish them harm – Jews who believe that Christians are against God, Gentiles who believe Christians are trying to take away their livelihood.  But in the midst of all their struggles, they stand firm in the simplicity of their love for Jesus and their joy in His love for them.  When we were among them, they gave abundantly more than they were able to give, both material gifts and spiritual, to us, begging us to accept these gifts on their behalf as gifts to God.  They wanted to take part in ministering to their fellow believers and workers for our Lord.  They first dedicated themselves to God and to serving Him, and then by His will gave themselves freely to us.  When Titus was there, he accepted a collection of funds to give to the brothers and sisters who are suffering in Jerusalem, and we encouraged Titus to continue to collect funds when he went to you as well.  So we ask you now, just as you have shown your dedication to your faith in the words that you speak, in the knowledge that you gain, in working hard for God, and in your love for us, please be gracious in giving to our brothers and sisters in Jerusalem as well.”


2 Corinthians 8:1-7


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