About Erin

I have been studying the Bible in depth for about the past 12 years, and it is fascinating!  But often, it is difficult to understand.  Since most of us don’t live in that type of culture, we have no frame of reference for many of the traditions.  The language can be a bit obscure sometimes, even in the newest translations.  And, especially for first-time Bible readers, there’s a lot in there that just doesn’t make sense to us.  But every time I read it I understand it better.  I have also studied many reference materials, and even found great insights from historical fiction novels.

I wanted to do something with what I’ve learned, so I started in December 2014 posting a paragraph every day on my Facebook page.  I took what I knew and tried to make it come to life in a way that would make modern Americans feel like they are part of the story.  I am going in chronological order through the whole Bible, bringing in cultural and historical elements and pictures here and there to help people understand it better.  I started in December with the Christmas story for a couple reasons.  First, because it was the easiest way for me to start, since I know the story so well.  Also, because it is a very familiar story for many people, and I hoped it would help the Christmas season come alive more.

Now, I hope that by posting it on this site as well, many more people will be able to read and understand the best true story ever.  So, please, dive in one paragraph at a time and become a part of the Bible!


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