12/25/17 Great Joy Comes Through Jesus

“All that makes up the Person of Jesus, Son of God, which was in existence with God from the beginning, and will forever be, that which was prophesied about from the time of Adam and Eve, which we heard about at the time of His coming, have seen with our own eyes, and not just from afar but face to face, which we have touched and listened to and looked at and learned from, all of this we share with you, in both spoken and written word, so that you might know Him as we do.  He is God in Human form, and we are witnesses to both His Godhood and His humanity.  Because of His coming and our relationship with Him, we can, and do, have a relationship with His Father.  And now, through what we have preached to you and written to you, you can share in this relationship with the Father through the Son, a relationship that carries the hope of eternity, secured by the giving of the Holy Spirit into the hearts of those who trust in Him, and through which comes great joy.”


1 John 1:1-4


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