12/24/17 By Faith, You Will Know What To Do

“These people never stop complaining.  They have no respect for the will of God, but do as they please, not caring whether or not they are living in sin.  They know how to speak to people in order to get what they want.  But remember, my dear brothers and sisters, that you were forewarned about these people.  The Apostles, and Jesus Himself, spoke of them, telling you that there would be many in the days before Jesus’ return to earth who would slander God Himself and His people, doing and saying whatever they pleased.  The Holy Spirit is not in them, and so they delight in the destruction of what they do not understand.  But, my dear brothers and sisters, I want to exhort you to keep walking in faith, strengthening yourselves and each other through prayer and by the Holy Spirit.  Stay in God’s love, keeping your eyes on Heaven and the hope of eternity there with our merciful Lord and Savior, Jesus.  Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you will see three types of these people and through prayer, you will know how to deal with them.  Some will be teetering on the edge of rebellion against God, and for these, there is still hope.  Pray for them and have compassion for them, for they may still turn to Jesus and be saved.  Others are about to be consumed by the fire of their rebellion, and if they are to be saved, it must be done quickly and decisively.  Then there are those who are already lost, and there is nothing that can be done to save them.  Stay away from them so that they do not corrupt you as well.  And now, to our God and our Savior, who alone is able to keep you standing strong and without blame in your walk of faith, so that you may stand before Him joyfully on the Day of Judgment, to the only wise God, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, now and forevermore.  Amen.”


Jude 1:16-25


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