1/30/17 If Jesus Returns Today, What Will He Find You Doing?

“Consider that at any moment, Jesus may return.  Do you want Him to find you awake and alert, engaged in the battle against Satan and sin, or dormant and sleeping, sliding back into old habits of sin?  Every day brings us closer to that moment, and I would hope that each of us grows closer to Jesus every day.  The dark night of Satan’s control over this world is soon to be gone, replaced by the sunshine of Jesus’ rule.  So let’s get everything sinful out of our lives and surround ourselves with what is good, as if we were putting on armor to fight Satan.  Sinfulness belongs to the night – intoxication, lustfulness, wild parties, sexual sins.  Let’s get out of the dark of night and start living in the daylight, because the Holy Spirit has removed the blindness from our eyes so that we can see these things for what they truly are.  Instead of indulging in the sinful desires of our bodies, we must walk in the light of Jesus, wrapping goodness around us like a shield.”


Romans 13:11-14


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