2/25/16 A Sign Of The End

Jesus sighs and tells them, “You will have to be very careful.  Many people will come, claiming that their way is the only way to God.  They will fool many people into giving up their souls to false religions and false Messiahs.  But I AM warning you now, so that you and your disciples will not be fooled.  It will be a time of violence throughout the world.  War will break out among many countries, and you will hear talk of wars likely to begin in others.  But don’t let this trouble you, because all these things must happen, and well before the end of time.  There will be suffering all over the world – shortage of food will cause many to starve to death; diseases will ravage many civilizations; great earthquakes will come and kill whole villages; kingdoms and nations will go to war against one another.  All of these things are just signs that the end is coming soon.”


Matthew 24:4-8, Mark 13:5-8, Luke 21:8-11


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