12/22/17 Pray, Then Leave It To God

“I know you are aware of this already, but I wanted to call to mind for you what happened to the unbelieving children of Israel in the desert after God saved them and brought them out of Egypt.  Those who did not believe in Him, even after they had seen with their own eyes the great salvation He worked for them, were destroyed.  Likewise, the angels who followed Satan in his rebellion against God are imprisoned in darkness for all eternity because of their wickedness.  Another example is the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because of their great sinfulness in giving themselves over completely to sexual immorality.  These infiltrators into our church that I speak of are like those unbelievers in the desert, the rebellious angels, and the sinful cities – slandering those who God sends to proclaim His message, rebelling against God, and turning themselves over to sinfulness of all kinds.  But remember that God’s archangel warrior, Michael, did not go up against Satan on his own when doing battle against him for the body of Moses.  Michael knew that to argue with Satan was pointless and beneath him, so he simply told Satan that God would deal with him.  We should follow Michael’s example in dealing with the evil people in our midst – instead of endless and meaningless arguments, we should simple pray for their souls and leave the rest up to God.  They do not know what they speak of, and they incriminate themselves through their own words against God.  They are like Cain, the brother of Abel, who tried to lie to God; like Balaam, the prophet who tried to prophesy against God’s people for money; like Korah, who led a band of Israelites against Moses and died in his rebellion.”


Jude 1:5-11


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