12/19/17 Sacrifice Of Praise

“We no longer belong to this world, or to the Holy City of Jerusalem here on this earth.  We belong to the Kingdom of Heaven and to the New Jerusalem, which God will reveal to us at the end of this present world.  The sacrifices that God wants from us are sacrifices of praise and obedience to Him.  We are to give thanks for all He does for us, praising His Name for all to hear, and we are to do good works in His Name.  These are the sacrifices that God desires – love, thankfulness, and obedience to Him.  In doing this, we are also showing the people of this world how great God is, and what a wonderful Messiah we have.  Be sure to listen to those in authority over you in the church, and to follow their example, because on the day when they stand before God in Heaven they will be held responsible for the state of your souls.  Help them to present themselves and their work on earth with joy, and you will be able to do the same when it is your turn.  Please pray for us, so that we might be reunited soon.  Our consciences are clean, because we strive to live always in God’s will.”


Hebrews 13:14-19


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