12/18/17 The Shame of Salvation

“Keep your church leaders and elders in your hearts and thoughts, remembering that they are the ones who taught you God’s Word.  Watch them, see how they live out their faith and what fruit their lives have born because of it, and follow their lead.  Messiah is the Son of God, and as such, He possesses all the attributes of God.  This means that He does not change.  He is the same now as He was before He made the world, and He will still be the same when the world as we know it has ended.  Keep this in mind so that you will not be swayed by new ideas that are not grounded in the Holy Scriptures.  Remember that you have been saved from slavery to sin by God’s grace, not by eating or abstaining from eating any food.  In the Temple, on the Day of Atonement, the priests spill the blood of the sacrificial animals, and the high priest takes the blood into the sanctuary for a sin offering.  But they are not allowed to eat the animals that are sacrificed.  Instead, the bodies of these animals are burned outside of the city, because the sins of the people have been transferred to the animals.  Messiah, as our ultimate sin sacrifice, allowed Himself to be led outside of the gates of the city to be crucified, His blood poured out once for all.  Now we must choose what we will follow – the Law of Moses, symbolized by the Temple and all that it stands for, or Messiah, who stands outside the city as our sin offering, His arms outstretched to us.  If Messiah, who lived a life completely free of sin, was willing to endure the scorn of His people for us, how can we, who claim to belong to Him and to have been saved by Him, not willingly do the same for Him?”


Hebrews 13:7-13


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