8/12/17 Closing Reminders To Timothy, With Love From Paul

“Oh, Timothy, my son, I have such hope and such fear for you!  I pray that you would guard all of this in your heart, all that I have laid upon you, for the teaching of Jesus in the Ephesian church is now entrusted to you, and you must protect it with all that you have within you.  Stay away from gossip, from what you know to be false doctrine, and from the pointless debates over questions that cannot be answered until we get to Heaven.    Remember that some have been led away from their faith by believing things that are contrary to the true message of Jesus.  I pray that God’s grace will be with you always.  Amen.”  Paul finishes his letter to Timothy, praying for his son in the faith as he seals the letter and sends it off.  He thinks about all his dear brothers and sisters in faith that he has sent off to do God’s work.  He decides that his next letter will be to Titus in Crete, another man who he considers to be a son in the faith, to encourage him as he has tried to do in his letter to Timothy.


1 Timothy 6:20-21


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