8/11/17 Help The Wealthy In Their Faith

“As for those in your congregation who are wealthy, help them to see and understand that their wealth comes from God, who alone is able to give us all things, and that to trust in things is foolish, because all things are temporary on this earth.  Although there is nothing we can do to earn our place in Heaven, if we truly belong to Jesus, our greatest desire should be to do God’s will.  So teach them to seek after humility, knowing who they are in God’s sight, instead of being arrogant because of their wealth, and to put their trust in God, the one who graciously gives us so much more than we deserve simply for our pleasure here on earth.  Teach them to do good works so that they will consider the love and joy that will fill their hearts in doing these things to be their true wealth.  Help them to learn to share and to give of their wealth, their time, themselves, through which they are doing God’s will and storing treasures in Heaven, as Jesus taught us.  This is how they can learn to live truly and fully, both here in this world and later on in Heaven.”


1 Timothy 6:17-19


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