8/10/17 Keeper Of The Gospel Message

“You stand always in the presence of God, who alone is able to keep you alive, both here on earth and when He calls you home to Heaven, and before His Son, Jesus, the Messiah, who testified before Pontius Pilate that He was a king, though not of this world, and confirmed that testimony by His willing death on the cross.  Put this in the forefront of your mind each time you have a decision to make, each time you are tempted, even the slightest bit, so that this knowledge will strengthen you in faith and in your commitment to the charge I have laid upon you, to keep teaching the true and complete message of Jesus, unaltered and undefiled.  You have a great responsibility, to make sure that your life is lived for God and God alone, so that nobody can find fault with you, or with the church through your actions.  Along with this goes the responsibility to teach the pure truth of Jesus in its entirety.  This is a heavy commandment, and one that will continue until Jesus returns to take us to Heaven with Him, though nobody knows when He will come – only God knows.  God alone is Joy itself and the creator of all joy, the only true King – the King of kings and Lord of lords.  He alone is immortal and is able to grant immortality, invisible to all sinful creatures, living in pure and holy light to which none who sin may even draw near.  All honor and power is His forever.  Amen.”


1 Timothy 6:13-16


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