8/9/17 Fight The Good Fight Of Faith

“But you, my son, are a man of God, and as such, I beg you to run away from these temptations.  You are in a very precarious position there as head of a large and well-established church in such a grand and wealthy city.  It would be very easy for you to fall into the trap of lusting after money and a life of ease, living in these surroundings as you are.  I fear for you there, and although I know the strength of your faith, I feel I must warn you against this.  No matter how tempting it is to go along with those for whom money and status hold a higher position than God, you must struggle against this, seeking God’s will in all that you do.  Strive to be more like Jesus in every way, a little bit more every day.  Hold tight to your strong faith, practice love and patience and gentleness in every situation that comes to you.  Never stop fighting against evil and for good, staying strong in your faith, so that you may reach your reward of eternal life in Heaven with Jesus.  This is what you have been called to do.  This is what you have proclaimed as your greatest desire in life, before many witnesses.  Do not let Satan blind you so that you forget who you are, Who you serve, and what you are striving for.”


1 Timothy 6:11-12


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