8/8/17 The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Kinds Of Evil

“The mere thought of people using Christianity to profit for themselves makes me sick, but that’s exactly what many people are doing, especially those who come from wealth.  That being said, there is immense profit for anyone who truly surrenders his or her whole self to God.  When we align our will with His, He gives us everything that we could ever need or want.  Remember that you were born naked, with nothing clasped in your hands, and when you die, you take nothing with you.  Every material thing we have now is temporary.  No thing in this world can bring us real, lasting joy.  If we have food to eat, clothes to wear, and a roof over our heads to provide shelter from the elements, we have all that we really need in this world.  Anything else that God gives us is an extra blessing.  People whose greatest desire is to be wealthy are easily tempted and easily trapped by that desire.  It leads them away from Jesus, away from salvation from their sin, and if they don’t escape from that trap it will lead them to hell.  Money in and of itself is not good or bad.  It is when we allow ourselves to make an idol out of money that it has the power to lead us down the path of evil.  Many people have abandoned their faith because of their greed, allowing their money and possessions to own them instead of the other way around, and giving themselves all sorts of otherwise unnecessary troubles because they put money in the place of God.”


1 Timothy 6:6-10


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