8/7/17 An Uphill Battle

“I know that there are many who disagree with me, and do so strongly.  They will speak out against you when you teach about such things as Christian slaves honoring and obeying their masters.  They will not abide by these rules.  They are blinded by their pride, so that in their strong belief that they know the truth, they actually are working against the truth.  In their zeal to be right, to win people to their side of the argument, they cause nothing but discord in the church.  Instead of working with these people who are supposed to be their brothers and sisters to do the work set before them by their Heavenly Lord and Master, they are preoccupied with trivialities, things that we cannot even know for certain one way or the other, until we get to Heaven and our Father reveals the truth of them to us.  And so they put up walls between brothers and sisters, dividing the church instead of uniting it.  But remember, Timothy, what I am teaching you is from the Holy Spirit, and based on the words of Jesus while He was here among us.  He taught us to pray for those who mistreat us, to give to those in authority over us what is due to them, to humble ourselves so that God might lift us up and honor us.  Those who sow discord are working against us, hoping to win favor for themselves through their supposed piety.  Stay away from such people.”


1 Timothy 6:3-5


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