8/5/17 Final Thoughts On Church Leadership

“This charge that I have laid on you before God, our Messiah Jesus, and God’s Holy angels, is a heavy one.  It is a great responsibility for someone as young as you, but one that I believe you are fully capable of handling well.  Be certain that you follow my leading without showing any favoritism for or bias against anyone.  Keep yourself away from sin and apart from the sins of others.  Don’t be quick to promote anyone to the position of church leader, but test each person carefully to be certain he is qualified and ready to fulfill the duties required.  I know that among the brothers and sisters there in Ephesus there are many who came from the Essene sect of Jews, and that they have a well-known practice of abstinence from wine, which has also been adopted by many others in Ephesus.  But you know that your digestive health has not been good, so I want to make sure you do not adopt this practice as well.  You need a little wine in your diet to help your stomach and your other physical ailments.  You need to keep yourself healthy and strong in order to fulfill your duties to the church.  And I want you to remember, when choosing candidates for church leadership, or even church membership, that there are those people whose sins are done openly for all to see, and then there are those who sin secretly and who are adept at hiding all traces of their sin.  You need to learn how to read people and to pick up on small hints of sin that may present themselves so that you can judge people rightly.”


1 Timothy 5:22-25


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