8/4/17 Rewards & Punishments For Church Leaders

“Honor those church leaders – bishops, deacons, pastors – who do their jobs exceptionally well, especially those who are gifted in the areas of teaching and preaching.  They are worthy of a double honor.  In the Scriptures, the book of Deuteronomy tells us, ‘You shall not muzzle an ox while it treads out the grain,’ meaning that an animal that is working for you shouldn’t be kept from eating part of the grain it is working on as a reward.  Should this not apply even more to people who are working hard for others?  Remember that Jesus told us, ‘The laborer is worthy of his wages,’ no matter what form of labor he is employed in.  Church leaders have a very vital, but difficult and dangerous job, especially in this current time of increased persecution of Christians.  Those who do their jobs well should be recognized for it, if only to boost their morale and help them to continue on in the same manner.  On the other hand, those who are abusing their position, those who are proved to be committing sinful acts must be called out publicly and their punishment must be more severe than usual, because of their position and the immense damage they can cause by abusing it.  They must be punished publicly and severely to show how serious the offense is and to strike fear into the hearts of those who might have followed him into sin.  You must be certain, though, before taking any accusation against a church leader seriously.  Many people will come to you with accusations against this leader or that one for all sorts of reasons.  People are often jealous and spiteful of those in authority over them.  I want you to be careful not to take any accusation against church leaders seriously unless it is corroborated by at least two or three witnesses.”


1 Timothy 5:17-21, Deuteronomy 25:4, Luke 10:7


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