8/2/17 A Special Group Of Special Widows

“There is a special group of widows throughout the churches who help to counsel and care for younger widows.  These are women who are sixty years old or older, who were faithful to their husbands while they were married, and had good reputations in their former communities, even before becoming followers of Jesus.  They should be well-known for their kindness and willingness to work hard to help wherever needed.  They should be patient and loving, good care-givers for children, hospitable and welcoming to friends and strangers alike.  They should be unafraid to jump in and do whatever work they are called to do out of love, whether it means cooking for brothers and sisters or caring for a stranger with a deadly, contagious disease.  They should be kind and encouraging to all, so that they can be friends and sisters to all those who are in need of comfort.  They should be known for their love and selflessness, bravery and patience, care and diligence, and, above all else, their faithfulness to Jesus.  If there are widows in the Ephesian community who meet these qualifications, then let them join this group so that younger women will have them to look up to as mentors.”


1 Timothy 5:9-10


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