8/1/17 Responsibility of a Widow

“There are different kinds of widows, of course.  Some abandon their values, along with all self-control and discipline and self-respect, choosing instead a life of sexual promiscuity.  Unfortunately, many of these widows believe that they have no other choice, that this is the only way they will be able to support themselves.  But those who choose such a life are like living corpses, their bodies alive, but their spirits already dead.  Widows among you who choose such a life cannot be supported financially by the church, because they are living contrary to the teachings of Jesus.  Those widows, on the other hand, who keep their faith in God and in Jesus, who continue to live as they had before their husbands died, upholding the values of their faith and constantly seeking God’s will in prayer, these are the widows the church is to support, as long as there is no family able to do it.  Teach these things to all the brothers and sisters in the church, so that everyone knows what is expected of widows and any family they might have, and how the church will be supporting true widows – those who are truly left alone without any other means of support – financially.  Knowing what is expected of them, and the help that will be given to those who are living in faith, will help widows to have the confidence to live in faith, instead of choosing a life that leads only to death.  Remind the brothers and sisters of their duty to support their own family, and that if they do not do so they are turning away from their faith, which is worse than being an unbeliever.”


1 Timothy 5:5-8


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