7/31/17 Honor And Support Widows

“Our Messiah has taught us to treat women very differently from the way society in general has treated them.  We are to honor and respect them as mothers or sisters, especially those who are widows.  Most widows are left helpless and must make do in the world as best they can, scraping together whatever they can sell to make enough money to live on.  But we are called to support each other as members of God’s family, especially widows and orphaned children.  We are to honor them and care for them as if they are our own mothers and our own children.  However, if a widow has children or grandchildren, any family able to support her, we must let them do it, for two main reasons.  First, our funds must be prioritized so that we may do the most good we can with them.  Those who have nothing and no one to help them must be put first.  And second, it is good for a widow’s family to support her.  In this way, they learn the responsibility of taking care of one’s family first, and they will be blessed through the love and care they show for her.”


1 Timothy 5:3-4


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