7/30/17 Relationships Within The Church

“Now that we have spoken of your public office as church leader, and the conduct and responsibilities as such, let us move on to discuss your relationships with individual members of the church.  Having advised you not to let anyone tell you that you are too young to hold such an important position in the church, I must caution you to remember, when dealing with brothers and sisters who are older than you are, to hold them in high regard.  There will be many times when you see elder church members doing and saying things that are not quite in line with their faith.  I want you to be mindful of the fact that you have been a Christian since your youth, and as such, have been brought up in the way a Christian is to live his life.  But many of the elder members of the church have lived their whole lives as unbelievers, following the customs and traditions of the society in which they live, until coming to faith in Jesus fairly recently.  Be patient with them, and instead of chastising them for these habits that have been ingrained in them for a lifetime already, give them gentle and respectful direction, as a son might do for his father or mother.  Likewise, you should treat younger men and women, or those of your own age, as brothers and sisters, not just in the way that we are all brothers and sisters in Jesus, but as if they were of your biological family.”


1 Timothy 5:1-2


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