7/29/17 Instructions For Timothy’s Conduct

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you are too young to hold such an important position in the church.  Use your life to demonstrate your worth, working hard to live out your faith in all that you say and do.  Show the strength of your faith in the way that you love those you serve, in your pure heart, in your obedience to God’s will as revealed to you by His Holy Spirit, and in your actions.  In this way, you will both prove yourself worthy of your office and be an example to the brothers and sisters of the way we ought to live as Christians.  Until I am able to come to you again, be sure to incorporate reading of scripture, along with earnest teaching on the meaning of the scriptures read, into each meeting of the brothers and sisters.  This way, everyone can understand and apply what they learn to their lives.  Remember the gift that was given to you through prophecy , when the church elders laid their hands on you and prayed over you, and be sure to use it to God’s will.  Think about these things, and practice them persistently, so that your gift may grow and be respected by all, and be used to further God’s kingdom.  Be sure to remember these two most important things – to always conduct yourself in a way befitting a leader in the church, and to make sure your teaching is exemplary.  If you are faithful in this, you and all those who hear your teaching will be rewarded in Heaven.”


1 Timothy 4:12-16


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