7/27/17 Guard Against Satan’s Subtle Traps

“Though we, as Christians, hold this truth as a treasure in our hearts, still we are told by the Holy Spirit that from now until the time that Jesus returns to take His own to be with Him in Heaven, there will always be those who abandon their faith, who listen to the lies of Satan’s demons and believe them.  He does not come to tempt us away from our faith like an invading army, with trumpets and drums and fanfare.  He is subtly devious, whispering doubts into our ears, setting up traps that most people would never recognize as such until it is too late, and they have become ensnared.  He will sow seeds of worry in our minds, making us question our faith and slide back into believing that we must keep the Law in order to be saved.  Many have already fallen into these traps, and are now being used by Satan to undermine the church, asserting that certain foods are off limits or that certain people are not suitable to marry, among many other things.  But we know that God created everything, and all that He created is good.  We are to receive what God creates for us as gifts, with thankful hearts.  If we approach everything that comes to us in this way, with prayer and thanksgiving to God through Jesus, in faith, there is nothing that is forbidden to those of us who know and believe God’s truth.”


1 Timothy 4:1-5


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