7/26/17 The Glorious Mystery Of Our Faith

“I write these instructions to you so that you will have some direction in establishing leaders in the Ephesian church.  It is my hope that I will be able to come to you soon, and if so, I will help you in this area, among others.  But with all that has been happening lately, the growing persecution of Christians, it may not be possible for me to come.  In that case, I want you to know how you, as the leader of the Ephesian church, and those who you appoint to lead with you, should conduct yourselves as leaders and representatives of God’s church.  Remember that we, and our brothers and sisters in the church, are the house of God, because He lives within our hearts in the form of the Holy Spirit.  Because of this, we must be the foundation of His truth and his light for the rest of the world.  Oh, without a doubt, the mystery of God is great, and this mystery has been revealed to us, His children, through His Son, Jesus!  God came to us as a human being in Jesus.  Everything Jesus said during His time on earth, His claim to be God’s Son, was proven to be true by His own Spirit, through His death and resurrection.  The angels are witnesses to the truth of His divinity, having seen all that He did here on earth and His rise to Heaven to be reunited with His Father.  His message is being preached all over the world, both to Jews and to Gentiles, just as He said.  When He arrived in Heaven, His Father received Him triumphantly and joyfully.  And now, all over the world, people are hearing His message and believing in His power to save us all from the penalty for our sins.”


1 Timothy 3:14-16


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