7/25/17 Qualifications For A Deaconess

“Likewise, women who desire to be deaconesses must possess similar qualities.  They, too, must have respect for their church and their position.  They must dress and behave modestly and humbly.  The light of their faith should shine through them in all that they say and do, and their joyful hearts in the Lord should be evident to all who know them, so that they might be an example to all.  They must be careful to watch their tongues, staying away from gossip and slander.  She must be passionate about her faith, but have good control over her passion and her temper.  She should stay away from alcoholic beverages, and from anything that might be seen as inappropriate for a woman.  She must be responsible and faithful in all that she says and does, in her work for the church and in her own private life, holding a good reputation in her community.  She, too, is responsible for handling the money given to the church to care for those in need, and must be a woman of honesty and integrity.  A deacon or deaconess must be, as a bishop must be, monogamous in his or her marriage, and able to run his or her household well.  Remember, he or she who faithfully does the work of the Lord now will be greatly rewarded by Him, with the courage and confidence to continue on in their work here on earth, and with unimaginable glory in Heaven.”


1 Timothy 3:11-13


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