7/24/17 Qualifications For A Deacon

“Deacons in the church must meet similar qualifications.  They must treat the church and the office of deacon with deep respect, as is fitting for one who is employed in the carrying out of God’s will for His people.  But at the same time, he must have a joyful heart, secure in his faith.  He must be careful with what he says, especially since deacons have the important work of visiting the brothers and sisters in their homes.  He must take care not to gossip, and not to contradict himself, telling one person one thing and the next person the complete opposite, simply to appease them.  He must be honest in all that he says and does, speaking the truth in love, and choose his words wisely.  He must be careful in his personal life to maintain sobriety and a reputation for good self-control over temptations.  He must be careful not to hold money in high esteem, especially since a deacon is responsible for the money given to the church to distribute to those in need.  He must have wisdom and knowledge of God and of His Son and of the Holy Spirit, and a deep understanding of the mysteries of our faith revealed in Jesus, so that he is qualified to teach the brothers and sisters and to counsel them in their walk of faith.  And he must live out his faith for all to see, in good conscience, and be a doer of the Word, not just a hearer and believer.  Let any man who seems to possess these qualities and desires the position of deacon be tested in the position for a time, to show whether or not he is a good fit for the position, and after a time of probation, if he shows himself worthy of it, let him serve as deacon.”


1 Timothy 3:8-10


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