7/23/17 More Qualifications For Bishops

“One who desires the position of a bishop in the church should be patient, fair, and gentle when dealing with his brothers and sisters.  He must have good control over his household, which is shown through the obedience and respect of his children.  This is important because he must show proficiency in taking charge of his own household, or he will not be able to take charge of God’s church.  He must be well established in the church, not a new believer.  New believers are filled with zeal, on fire for God, but are easily swayed, since their faith is not very deeply rooted and they have just begun to learn about God and His church.  So they are apt to fall into the trap of being prideful, leading to the same condition as Satan.  A potential bishop must not only be above reproach and have a reputation of integrity among his own brothers and sisters in the church, but also among outsiders, those who do not share his faith.  Otherwise, those who knew him before he became a believer, upon hearing of his new appointment as bishop, may attack his character and the character of all in the church.  If this were to happen, Satan would certainly be waiting to attack the church as a wolf lies in wait, hoping to catch a shepherd off guard so that he may attack the sheep.”

1 Timothy 3:3b-7


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