7/21/17 Modesty & Humility

“In this same spirit, I caution women to dress modestly, not in a way to show off their bodies with revealing clothing or to boast of their wealth with excessive jewelry or expensive clothing, but humbly, so that their devotion to God and the good works that He is calling them to do would show in every way.  Society deems that women must be in submission to men, so although in Jesus there is no longer any such distinction, we should not stand in the way of salvation for those who strongly support this tradition.  Therefore, women in worship should learn quietly, not teaching or having positions of authority over the men in the church.  When God created Adam and Eve, Adam came first, and Eve was created out of Adam.  And later, Satan tricked Eve into eating the forbidden fruit, and then Eve persuaded Adam to follow her.  Women are, therefore, subject to the authority of men in society.  However, Genesis also tells us that it is the child of the woman, not of the man, who will bruise the serpent’s head – the serpent being Satan, who disguised himself as a snake in the Garden of Eden, and the child being Jesus, the Messiah, who saves us all from that serpent.  Through that connection of carrying and giving birth to a child, of motherhood in general, women who will submit to the authority placed over them faithfully, in love, with self-control, may have a special bond with their Messiah.”


1 Timothy 2:9-15


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