7/20/17 Always Keep An Open Line Of Communication With God

“Because Jesus has called me to be His apostle to the Gentiles, I have the authority to direct the brothers and sisters in the churches in the way they should act.  It is in this authority that I tell you that men must pray – and I say men, not women, because the eyes of the world are upon us, and it is our desire to win more people to salvation in Jesus, instead of driving them away in disgust because our practices go against the traditional societal roles of men and women – always and everywhere.  There is no place God cannot see us, no place where we cannot reach out to Him and ask Him to govern our lives.  We are to pray wherever we are, constantly, so that the lines of communication between us and God are always open, and we are actively seeking His will in all that we do.  Pray as the Jews do, lifting hands unstained by sin to Heaven, with hearts free of anger and minds free from disputes.”


1 Timothy 2:8


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