7/15/17 Love Is The Main Ingredient In The Law

“The reason that God gave us commandments was to teach us to love each other from pure hearts, good conscience, and sincere faith, the way that He loves each one of us.  The problem we have is that many people have placed too much importance on the minute details of the law, on following everything perfectly, and have forgotten that the two most important commandments are to love God with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strength, and to love our  neighbors as we love ourselves.  When we forget about love, it is like trying to make bread without flour or water.  You can measure out all the rest of the ingredients perfectly, prepare and bake it exactly according to the recipe, and serve it on a golden platter.  It may even look and taste good.  But you can’t call it bread, and you can’t say that you followed the whole recipe perfectly.  When we leave love out of the equation in following the Law, we grow proud, believing ourselves to be better than others at keeping the Law.  We consider ourselves experts in it and think that we should be teachers of the Law, spending our time debating the fine points of the Law with other “expert teachers,” instead of living out the most important aspects of it.  But these expert teachers of the Law do not really understand God’s commandments.  Even when they are presenting their lessons, they do not understand the very words they themselves are saying.”


1 Timothy 1:5-7


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