7/14/17 Encouragement For Timothy In Ephesus

“When we were in Macedonia together before you departed for Ephesus, you may recall that I asked you to stay the course with the Ephesian church so that you could be the one to counter the false teachings that were leading many in the church away from the true faith, namely the practice of endless debating and precise following of the Law of Moses, which prevents people from living their faith as Jesus wants us all to do.  It was also my hope that you might be a voice of reason against those who are trying to impose Judaism on Christianity by insisting on following the oral Rabbinical traditions and observing Jewish ceremonial laws.  This insistence on following the Law only creates dissention between brothers and sisters, and division between Jewish and Gentile Christians.  Dwelling on these minute details is impractical for Christians, because it does not allow for unity in the church, and it only wastes time and resources that could be used for doing the work that the Holy Spirit directs us to do in Jesus’ Name.  We are called by God to live out our faith, encouraging each other and building each other up in love, rather than engaging in controversial arguments that tear each other apart.”


1 Timothy 1:3-4


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