7/13/17 Paul Returns To His Missionary Work After Being Released From Prison

Shortly after sending Epaphroditus to deliver his letter to the Philippian church, Paul is released from his imprisonment in Rome.  After much prayer, Paul decides to send Timothy to Ephesus.  The church there is in need of a good leader, and Timothy is just the man for the job.  Meanwhile, Paul continues travelling and spreading the message of forgiveness of sins through Jesus.  Christianity is becoming less and less popular in the eyes of the Jews and the Romans, and Paul’s work grows more and more dangerous.  Christians everywhere are in danger of losing jobs, businesses, homes, even their lives.  Paul keeps pressing forward, encouraging his brothers and sisters all over Asia to stand strong in their faith no matter what their circumstances.  He receives word that Timothy is struggling with the Ephesian church, and immediately begins a letter to address the problem.  “To Timothy, my beloved son in faith, from Paul, an apostle of Jesus through the command of God and of Jesus, our Savior and our hope.  I pray God’s peace, grace, and mercy would be upon you through Jesus, our Messiah and Lord.”


1 Timothy 1:1-2


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