7/12/17 Giving Hearts

“Even so, I’m glad to know that you were with me in my time of imprisonment, though you were unable to communicate this to me.  In the very beginning of my journeys to spread Jesus’ message to all the world, when I left out of Macedonia, you Philippians were the only church who worked with me to collect money to give to our brothers and sisters in need.  Even when I was in Thessalonica, you sent money more than once to help meet my own needs, even though I did not ask you to do so.  It is not the gift that I desire, but that you would be rewarded for your giving.  I have all that I need in Jesus.  My heart is full now, because you have sent Epaphroditus to me with your gifts and your prayers for me, and bringing me news of you.  That, to me, is like a sacrifice to God, a sweet incense, and I want you to know that it greatly pleases God as well.  In turn, God will give you all that you need through His riches in glory and through His Son, our Messiah, Jesus.  To our God and Heavenly Father be glory forever.  Amen.  Please greet all the brothers and sisters in Jesus for me, as I send greetings to you from all the brothers and sisters here with me.  All the brothers and sisters here in Rome greet you, but especially those of Caesar’s household.  I pray that the grace of our Lord Jesus would be with you all.  Amen.”  Paul finishes his letter to the Philippians and hands it to Epaphroditus.  After prayer and hugs, Epaphroditus sets off for Philippi.


Philippians 4:14-23


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