7/9/17 Worry About Nothing, Pray About Everything

“I implore Euodia and Syntche to be united in the Holy Spirit.  To my brother in all my perils, who has helped me through it all, I ask you to help these women who have also worked alongside me for our faith, along with Clement and all of my fellow workers, whose names, though too many to mention here, are written forever in the Book of Life in Heaven.  Always be joyful in the Lord.  I say it again, be joyful!  Live in such a way that your reputation of gentleness and purity is well-known.  Remember, Jesus could return at any moment!  Jesus urged us, and I will repeat His words, not to worry about anything, but instead to bring your requests before God in earnest prayer, with thankful hearts, and His peace, that is beyond anything we can understand, will fill your hearts and your minds through Jesus, His Son.”


Philippians 4:2-7


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