7/8/17 Follow Those Who Are Living Out Their Faith

“My brothers and sisters, please, look around you and notice those who live as I have been striving to live, and join us in our walk of faith, following our example.  There are so many who claim to belong to God, but who are actually His enemies through their rejection of Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross.  I tell you this with great sorrow in my heart, because these are my countrymen, and I hold a great love for them in my heart.  But they will meet only death in the end, and be shut out of Heaven for all eternity, because they focus on the things that are here and now, instead of on the will of God.  Their god has become their own bodies and everything they take pride in will turn on them and cause them shame in the end.  But we are merely visitors here on earth, because we are really citizens of Heaven, waiting with bated breath for our Messiah, Jesus, God’s Son, to come and take us to be with Him.  When He does, He will give us new, perfect bodies, transforming us from the weakness and sinfulness of mortal flesh to the glory and sinlessness that He has in His perfect, immortal body.  This is the culmination of the work that Jesus begins in us when we surrender ourselves to Him and accept His gift of salvation.  This is the prize for which we run the race of life, striving to follow God’s will in everything – arriving in Heaven to live for eternity with God and Jesus, finally perfected, and finally living as we were created to, joyfully and in perfect harmony and love, with God.  So, my beloved brothers and sisters, you who are dear to my heart, my joy and the reason for my Heavenly reward, I urge you to stay strong in your faith in our Messiah, Jesus.”

Philippians 3:17-4:1


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