7/7/17 For The Sake Of The Call


“Now, I am not saying that God has made me perfect already, or that I have reached perfection somehow on my own.  But I keep working toward that goal, that I might be a little bit more like Jesus every day, even as I know that it is not really myself doing this work, but the Holy Spirit working within me because Jesus caught me when I was falling away from God and holds me in His arms so that I will not fall away again.  My brothers and sisters, although I have not yet reached the goal of perfection in Jesus, this one thing I do:  I put the past behind me, because I cannot change it, and I have been forgiven for my past sins.  Instead, I am as a runner in a race, practicing every day, pushing forward with my arms outstretched to reach what is coming, working toward my ultimate goal of fulfilling that which God in Jesus calls me to do, and in so doing, attaining that perfection that can only come in Heaven and from Heaven.  Because of this, I implore you, if you are mature in your faith, to have the same attitude toward your walk of faith in this life.  Anyone who believes he has already been made perfect should be constantly conscious of any imperfection in his own life and working through the Holy Spirit to cleanse himself of it.  Each one of us is in a different stage on the path toward Heaven, but we must all walk the path together as brothers and sisters in Jesus, in unity of heart, spirit, and mind, and with our eyes focused on the same goal – that of doing God’s will in everything, and finishing the race of life well.


Philippians 3:12-16


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