7/6/17 Belonging To Jesus Is Better Than Anything On Earth

“But all these things, though they brought me honor and recognition among people, I now consider to be garbage, compared to what I have in Jesus.  In fact, everything I have had or could ever have on earth is garbage to me compared to the riches I have been given in Jesus.  I have lost so much in my time serving Him, including my own health and freedom to go where I will, but what He has given me is so much better, so much more.  I would gladly give up everything – material possessions, health, freedom – in order to be His.  Being seen by people as perfect in the keeping of the Law is worth nothing.  It is only through faith in Jesus that I will ever gain the real perfection that comes only from God’s work in my heart through His Holy Spirit.  It is only through that faith that I am able to know God, to be saved from the punishment for my sins through the power of Jesus’ resurrection, that I may have the privilege of suffering as Jesus did and gain a closer relationship to Him through that suffering, that I may know that I belong to Him and have the assurance of eternal life with Him in Heaven.  Even if I am called to give my life in service to Him, I do so gladly, knowing that God will raise me to a life that is so much better than this one.”


Philippians 3:7-11


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