7/5/17 Trust In God, Not In People

“Those of us who worship God through His Holy Spirit, with hearts filled with joyful thanksgiving and hope because of His Son, who has given us a place with Himself in God’s family, are the real circumcision.  Instead of trusting in ourselves, we put our trust in God.  Now, if anyone had cause to trust in himself, I did.  I was born an Israelite, of the tribe of Benjamin, meaning that I was born into the family of God.  I was circumcised on the eighth day after my birth, as the Law commands for all good Jewish boys.  I was a Hebrew of the Hebrews, a Pharisee, a member of the strictest religious group and educated by Gamaliel in Jerusalem, one of the greatest Bible teachers in history.  I was strict, even for a Pharisee, making sure that I followed every rule perfectly, and I was extremely zealous for God, or so I thought.  I hunted down Christians to bring them before the Sanhedrin for punishment, believing that I was working on behalf of God against His enemies.”


Philippians 3:3-6


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