7/4/17 Be On Guard Against Those Who Would Take Away Your Freedom In Jesus

“Finally, my brothers and sisters, may your hearts be filled with joy in our Lord Jesus.  I know that what I am about to write to you now is something I have spoken of before, both in previous letters to you and in person when I was last with you, but it bears repeating.  Rest assured that it is no bother to me to write the same things again, and it is for your safety that I do so.  You know that the Jews have often referred to Gentiles as dogs, because Gentiles are considered impure, separated from God and all that is good, and throughout history have often tempted the Jews away from God.  However, the fact that the majority of Jews have now rejected their Messiah, whereas the majority of those who have accepted His free gift of salvation are Gentiles, the tables have been turned.  Now it is the Jews who are trying to tempt Gentile Christians away from following the true leading of Jesus and are excluding themselves from entry into the Kingdom of Heaven through their rejection of Jesus.  Though they themselves believe that they are in the right, that they are pure and holy, following all of God’s laws perfectly, and that Gentile Christians are not true Christians because they follow the teaching of Jesus above the Law of Moses, they are missing the most important element of both – the commandments to love the Lord our God with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength, and to love our neighbors just as we love ourselves.  Beware of them, for they seek to destroy you through planting seeds of doubt and division among you.  They are zealous in their work, but it is the work of Satan that they are doing.  God commanded Jews to be circumcised since the time of Abraham as an outward sign that they are His children, but only as an outward sign.  It is not the symbol itself, but its meaning, that is important.  These Jews who are trying to come between you and your faith have made circumcision an idol, placing the importance on the symbol itself and forgetting what it symbolizes.  In trying to uphold the Law, they are actually breaking the first two Commandments – setting up the Law and circumcision as an idol, taking the place of God and His will for them.”


Philippians 3:1-2


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