7/3/17 Epaphroditus’ Sacrifice

“For now, however, I am sending Epaphroditus to you.  He is my beloved brother, having worked side by side with me for our Lord, and as a fellow soldier with me in the army of our Lord, and I will miss him dearly.  But he is also your messenger, the one who you sent to me to help me when I was most in need of his assistance, and it is right for me to send him back to you.  He is quite eager to be with you all again, and all the more so because he knows how concerned you have been for him since you heard he was sick.  He was very sick, and almost died, but by God’s grace he has recovered.  This was a blessing not only for him, and for all of you, but for me as well.  If God had not had mercy on him and brought him back to full health, it would have meant grief on top of grief for me in my current state of imprisonment – I would be grieving the loss of such a beloved brother as he, and also grieving the fact of his death while in my service.  But God has been merciful to us all in giving him back his health, and so I am just as eager as he to send him to you, so that your hearts may be filled with joy at the sight of him and my sorrow may be lessened.  I pray that you would receive him joyfully as a highly honored member of your community, and not just Epaphroditus, but all our fellow workers for our Lord who show such faithfulness to God’s will as he has.  It was for the work of our Lord that he almost died, willing to gamble his own life in order to do what was needed alongside of me.  I know that his service to me and to our Lord has been a great sacrifice from you, and you have my eternal thanks for sending him to me.”


Philippians 2:25-30


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