7/2/17 Timothy’s Heart

“If it is God’s will, I will soon send Timothy to you.  He will bring you news of me, and of all that has been going on here in Rome, and will return to me with news of you.  There is none better than Timothy for this, because I know that he shares my love for you and sincerely cares about what is happening with you as I do.  Most people in this world are only looking out for their own interests, instead of putting others ahead of themselves, as Jesus would have us do.  But you know, as I do, that Timothy has proven himself to be genuine and faithful, a man of good character, serving with me as if he were my own son.  Because of this, I pray that God would allow me to send him to you very soon.  There has been some talk of releasing me from my imprisonment, and I expect that I will hear something definite shortly.  When I get word, one way or the other, I will send Timothy to you, and I am hoping in the Lord that I might soon join him there myself.”


Philippians 2:19-24


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