6/30/17 A Healthy Dose Of Fear

“My beloved brothers and sisters, since you have from the time of your salvation always been obedient to God’s word, both when I was with you and now on your own, I implore you to continue to search out God’s will for you daily, working with the Holy Spirit to become the men and women that God intends you to be.  Do not become lax, content in the knowledge of your salvation, for it is at these times, when your guard is down, that Satan is able to sneak into your hearts and pull you away from God.  Remember the great sacrifice Jesus made in order to save you from judgment for your sins, and do not take your salvation lightly.  Be strong in your faith, but keep a healthy amount of fear so that you will remain vigilant and your faith will grow.  God is always working within you, through His Holy Spirit, guiding you according to His will and helping you to do the works He is calling you to do.  If you pray earnestly, He will reveal His will to you and equip you for everything He asks of you.”


Philippians 2:12-13


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