6/29/17 The Humility & Obedience Of Jesus

“Take upon yourselves the same attitude that Jesus had.  Although He was by nature fully God, meaning that it was no sin for Him to count Himself equal to God, He willingly traded the riches of His Godhood for the poverty of human servitude.  He came to us as a human baby, born to poor parents.  Though He remained fully God on the inside, and therefore capable of living His entire life without sinning, He was completely human in all other areas.  He humbled Himself and was completely obedient to all of God’s commands, even the command that brought Him the most grief – His own death.  He bore the humiliation of imprisonment, beatings, and death on the cross willingly, because it was God’s will for Him and the only way to redeem us.  Because of His obedience and humility, God has rewarded Him by lifting Him to the highest position, seated at the right hand of His Father.  God has made the Name of Jesus higher than any other in Heaven and earth, so that His Name will command such respect that everyone everywhere – on earth, in Heaven, and even those who have died having rejected God – will bow to Him and confess before all that Jesus is Lord of everything, bringing glory to His Father, God.”


Philippians 2:5-11


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