6/27/17 You Are Heirs Of The Kingdom, So Live Accordingly

“Be sure that act as one who has been redeemed and adopted by God, instead of falling back into the sins that used to enslave you.  Whether it is God’s will for me to come to you once more or not, either way it would bring me joy to hear that you are living according to your faith, standing together, united against Satan in mind, body, and spirit, working together as one for the Kingdom, unafraid of those who delight in persecuting you.  To those who Satan is using against you, this is a sign that you belong to Satan, but we know that in reality this shows that you have been saved by your faith in Jesus, and now belong to God.  You have not only been given the gift of salvation through Jesus, but the privilege of suffering for His sake, and suffering the same persecutions that I have endured, and that our Lord has continually delivered me from.”


Philippians 1:27-30


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