6/26/17 To Live Or Die – Which Is Better?

“I know that through your prayers, along with the prayers of so many other brothers and sisters, along with the working of the Holy Spirit, everything that is happening now will work out for good for me.  I hope and pray with all my heart that I will never have cause to be ashamed of myself, but that I would continue as I have done, to speak boldly the words given me by the Holy Spirit, so that people would see the love of Jesus in me, whether that be in my life or in my death.  For me, either option is glorious, because Jesus lives in and through me, and my life is His.  If He chooses to keep me here on earth, continuing on in the work He has called me to do, I will count it my honor to do so, because He is my life.  But if He calls me home to Himself in Heaven, I count that as something even better, for I will be with Him even more fully than I can be here and now.  I could not choose between them, because with all my heart I long to be with Jesus, and I know that life in Heaven will be far better than life here on earth.  But if I continue on here with this life, I will continue to bring this joy of salvation to more and more people, and to encourage and build up my brothers and sisters in faith, which in turn will also bring me more joy.  Knowing this, I feel sure that God will keep me here for a while longer so that I might continue in the work He has called me to, and that I might keep encouraging you in your walk of faith.  I hope that some day soon our joy might increase together if I am able to return and visit you once more.”


Philippians 1:19-26


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