6/24/17 Love For The Philippians

“Whenever I think of you, it is always with thanksgiving to God in prayer.  I pray for you joyfully, thanking God that He called you all to by my brothers and sisters in our faith, and that from the first day that you believed until now you have remained faithful.  I know that God, who began to work in your hearts to change you into the people He created you to be on the day you put your faith in Jesus to deliver you from your slavery to sin, will continue to do so every single day of your lives until the day Jesus calls you home to Heaven.  I hold you all in my heart, and so it is fitting that I should believe this about you.  You are with me in all that I say and do, even though you are not here with me physically, sharing my imprisonment.  But you are with me, in my heart, whenever I share the good news of Jesus’ message or defend our faith before those who seek to destroy it.  You share God’s grace with me, and my heart longs to be with you, because you are my beloved brothers and sisters in Jesus.  I pray that your love may continue to grow, in the knowledge and wisdom of God, that you would look favorably on what is good, that you would remain true to your faith and free of the stain of sin until the day that Jesus calls you home, and that through the working and leading of the Holy Spirit you would be filled with the rewards that come from doing the good work that Jesus has called you to do, giving all honor, glory, and praise to God our Father.”


Philippians 1:3-11


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