6/23/17 A Goodbye & A Hello

Paul finishes his letter to the Ephesians, rolls it into a scroll and seals it.  He looks at Onesimus and smiles.  “Alright, my son.  All the letters are finished.  I pray that you will have a safe journey and be met with forgiveness and love upon your return home.”  The two embrace, tears in their eyes.  Onesimus shoulders his pack, tucking the letters carefully inside.  “Goodbye, my father.  You will be in my prayers always.  Thank you for all you have done for me.  I love you more than I can ever express.”  He sets out on his journey to deliver Paul’s letters to the churches of Ephesus, his hometown of Colossai, and his master Philemon.  Paul, wanting something to take his mind off of the departure of his beloved Onesimus, immediately launches into another letter with Timothy.  “Paul and Timothy, servants in chains for our Messiah, Jesus, greet our brothers and sisters in Jesus, along with the bishops and deacons, of the church of Philippi, praying God’s grace and peace upon you in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus.”


Philippians 1:1-2


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