6/21/17 Pray In The Holy Spirit

“Pray always in the Holy Spirit for all our brothers and sisters, and for me as well, watching and waiting in faith, knowing in your mind and believing with your whole heart that God will hear and answer your prayers.  Do not stop, do not give up, but pray earnestly and continually until God answers your prayer, though at times the answer will be ‘no’ or ‘wait.’  Pray for me, that God would give me the words He wants me to speak and the power to speak them.  Pray that I might not be afraid, but would speak boldly the words He gives me to speak, no matter who the audience might be, so that I might continue to spread the message of Jesus, opening people’s eyes to the mystery of the good news of Jesus.  He has entrusted me with this work, even now, while I am a prisoner, and I pray that He would continue to strengthen me and enable me to do it, helping me to speak His words without fear, the way a true ambassador of God should.”


Ephesians 6:18b-22


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